Canyon Guide Course Weekend 1 of 2

Canyon with waterfall in the background

Date: Saturday, 6 November 2021
River: Dove Canyon.

With the club officially incorporating canyoneering in to our operations it's time to get guides trained up to be running more canyon trips!

The course will be 4 days in total run over two weekends (you need to attend both). It is designed for those with existing abseiling experience (preferable in canyons) to be trained up to the level of either trainee guide or canyon guide.

The course will involve lots of hands on training and assessment in all aspects of leading canyoneering trips from planning, conducting safety briefs, doing safety checks, rigging abseils, abseiling and rope ascending, whitewater techniques, rescue skills and gear maintanence and care.

The first weekend is going to involve a couple of day trips from Hobart. Saturday will be focused on basic rigging skills in a more controlled environment at a cliff close to Hobart and maybe some abseiling around Mt Wellington. Sunday will be a more full on expedition involving a through trip in a more hectic cave or canyon in the southern Tasmania which will be chosen depending on conditions. This will be a good opportunity to put in to practice what has been learnt the day prior.

Cost of the trip along with more specific pans will be organised closer to the date although it is envisaged the cost will be in the $100-250 range (covers both weekend) including petrol costs, a bbq, a canyoneering manual etc.

Things you must bring for the trip –

  1. Heaps of warm clothes and a towel for after the canyon
  2. Canyoneering clothes (same as what you would wear rafting, see this article for tips, neoprene socks are highly recommended) SUPER WARM GEAR IS CRITICAL we will be swimming and standing around in freezing water for long periods of time.
  3. Heaps of food and snacks!
  4. Camping gear. You can borrow gear and sleep under the club tarp if needed, just touch base with me and we will figure it out

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions!

Senior Guide/Training Officer - James Barnes

Website –

Email –

Phone – 0406012364

Note - I do shift work and am often in remote areas; I will get back to you eventually!


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