Canyoning Skills Day (Trip full)

Date: Sunday, 25 September 2022

Trip full. Flick Nicko a message on Facebook or 0400642443 if interested in future sessions.

With the weather showing signs it might start warming up soon, it's time to put some more holes in our wetsuits and refresh some canyoning skills. Planning a day at Blackmans Bay Blowhole, abseiling and ascending ropes, hopefully into some nice cold water at the bottom if the waves aren't too heckers.
Not a complete beginner day, pitched at people who have some abseiling or ropework experience already. So if you came on an intro trip earlier this year and are looking to upskill towards some bigger canyons, or did last year's guides course and want a refresher, or maybe you've been climbing a while and want to learn how to make abseiling fun, get in touch. Max numbers will depend on guide availability. If there's enough interest we'll try running some more trips through the shoulder season.


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Petrol Costs: We rely on carpooling for all trips to get our members to and from the river. Passengers will also have to pay a contribution to petrol for the driver as it is unfair for the generous drivers to pay their petrol costs by themselves. Therefore, the club policy is for passengers to contribute 2 parts passenger cost to 1 part driver cost. For example, if a car has 3 passengers and 1 driver, and the total petrol cost for the trip is $140, the passengers would each pay $40, and the driver would pay $20. Ratio 2:2:2:1, (passenger 40 : passenger 40 : passenger 40 : driver 20).

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