Denison Delirium

Date: Thursday, 6 October 2022
River: Denison River.

The trip is now full

It was bloody beautiful at low water the first time. This time I intend to send it at high water!

Welcome to what may even become an annual event, packrafting one of the most stunning rivers in Tasmania. The plan is simple, 5 days, two boat shuttles and one hell of a portage.

Optimistically we will be aiming to get shuttled up the lake and complete the portage into the Denison Friday. Then paddle for two days down the Denison and one down the Gordan. The final day will be catching the Storm Breaker back to civalisation.

I fully intend to actually "paddle" the Denison this time so this trip will need a fair bit of rain to run. With this in mind the paddling will be of grade 3 standard with loaded boats so it will feel like G4. If you aren't comfortable running similar grade rivers in a loaded packraft then this isn't the trip for you. Suitable experiance would be running the Mersey, North Esk, George and Styx in a packraft.

If you want a hint of what this trip will be like then have a read of this:

This trip will be no light undertaking and is a properly remote wilderness expedition with no easy walkout options. If I still haven't put you off signing up then please fill out the form below and more details will be posted closer to the date.

This is a level 3 packrafting trip. Please see our guidelines to check if you meet the requirements Please reach out if you want to come but need training/practice!

Trip Leader: Joshua Resta

Contact on Facebook is preferred:

Mobile: 0480165665


If you’re not yet a member of the Rafting Club please join up before continuing with this form. Make sure you’ve read and understood the ‘rafting safety’ section on our about page.

Petrol Costs: We rely on carpooling for all trips to get our members to and from the river. Passengers will also have to pay a contribution to petrol for the driver as it is unfair for the generous drivers to pay their petrol costs by themselves. Therefore, the club policy is for passengers to contribute 2 parts passenger cost to 1 part driver cost. For example, if a car has 3 passengers and 1 driver, and the total petrol cost for the trip is $140, the passengers would each pay $40, and the driver would pay $20. Ratio 2:2:2:1, (passenger 40 : passenger 40 : passenger 40 : driver 20).

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