Kayaking Sessions

Date: Monday, 26 September 2022
River: Pool.

Hey everyone,

For the second year in a row, the TUWWRC is happy to announce that it will be running a series of three kayaking pool sessions.

These sessions will be held from 7pm - 9pm at the Kingston Pool.

Unlike other trips, these pool sessions will be at a cost of $10 per person, per session as to partially cover the cost of the pool booking.

Kayaks and kayaking gear is available from the sheds but is heavily limited participant ability to transport the boats. It is important to note that these sessions are not instructional sessions but are an opportunity for paddlers to practice their skills in a safe and warm environment.


Feel free to reach out if you have any questions
- Luke Dimsey
- 0429060208


If you’re not yet a member of the Rafting Club please join up before continuing with this form. Make sure you’ve read and understood the ‘rafting safety’ section on our about page.

Petrol Costs: We rely on carpooling for all trips to get our members to and from the river. Passengers will also have to pay a contribution to petrol for the driver as it is unfair for the generous drivers to pay their petrol costs by themselves. Therefore, the club policy is for passengers to contribute 2 parts passenger cost to 1 part driver cost. For example, if a car has 3 passengers and 1 driver, and the total petrol cost for the trip is $140, the passengers would each pay $40, and the driver would pay $20. Ratio 2:2:2:1, (passenger 40 : passenger 40 : passenger 40 : driver 20).

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