Second 2021 Intro Trip - Picton Die Harder

Date: Saturday, 6 March 2021
River: Picton River.
Water level: 1.1.
Participants: 25.

Another great moring start, I'm begginging to dread how later intro trips will feel, we hit the river at a good time, with some people coming for their second go at the Picton.

Higher water levels punched us along nicly once everyone was on the river, no-one felt like swimming the gorge (intentionally) this time around, but the packrafts got some use, as packrafts and swimmer delivery vessels.

Ben agreed to a Tahune takeout, as reasonable people tend to do.

We ended the day with Annabelle delivering poatato cakes, dim sims and three chip babies!

Chippied out we had a quick packup at the sheds.

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